Needle Sweeps

Safe, controlled disposal of discarded needles by highly trained technicians.

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Needle Sweeps

Discarded needles and associated paraphernalia can pose serious health risks and should be safely removed and disposed of by expert technicians. At Target Hygiene, we offer a professional needle sweep service for the safe, controlled, and quick removal of needles and dangerous drug paraphernalia such as spoons and foils from areas where they could potentially pose a threat to public safety.

Our experienced team provides this service in high-risk public areas, commercial premises and more. We aim to provide a fast response to every customer, ensuring that potentially hazardous items are disposed of as quickly and as safely as possible. To find out more please get in touch with our team.

Why Use Our Removal Service?

Contact with discarded needles and other dangerous drug paraphernalia like spoons and foils can lead to infection and other significant health risks. That’s why it’s essential that these items aren’t disposed of in on-street bins or with normal waste. Instead, get in touch with our technicians who are highly trained to carry out a comprehensive needle sweep, ensuring all hazards are found and safely disposed of.

Once this sweep is complete and any items have been taken away, we will carry out a thorough clean to decontaminate the affected area and remove any further risk to health. To find out more about this professional service, use our contact form to start your enquiry, or call us on 0116 234 0078.


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