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Quality supplies and installation services to help keep commercial washrooms clean, safe, and well-stocked, at affordable prices to save your business money.

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Washroom Services & Products

Washrooms are a busy area of any organisation.  We provide supplies and equipment to ensure they remain clean and sanitary during everyday use. Whatever the size of your operation, at Target Hygiene we can provide the products and installation services your business needs.

Our washroom and hygiene services and products include: 

  • Sanitary disposal units
  • Auto janitors 
  • Water management systems
  • Nappy changers, nappy units and nappy disposal
  • Odour elimination in washrooms
  • Soap dispensers
  • Warm air hand dryers
  • Automated air fresheners
  • Paper products and dispensers (hand towels, roller towels, toilet tissue etc.)

Our service includes the supply and installation of washroom amenities such as hand dryers, soap dispensers and air fresheners alongside the supply and servicing of sanitary units and nappy changing bins.  We then have our very own waste transfer facilities to dispose of hazardous and hygiene waste correctly.

Auto Janitors / Water Managers

We also offer a variety of supplies and equipment to help keep dirt and odours at bay. This includes auto dispenser units, which are programmable to automatically clean and deodorise toilets to provide round-the-clock cleanliness. We can also supply and install odour elimination products to ensure washrooms remain fresh, and water managers to improve the hygiene and efficiency of urinals. Washrooms can give off nasty odours unless a water management system is in place, this will then affect employees, customers and visitors. Auto janitors or water manager systems are essential to keep your water bills down.  It is also ethical and great for the environment.

We Supply and Install Sanitary Equipment

Whether you need simple sanitary disposal units (SDU) or automatic ones, we offer you the most suitable ones to meet your requirements. We’ll also install it and schedule a regular collection frequency tailored to your requirements.  

Nappy Changing Units and Disposal

Target Hygiene can supply a variety of modern easy to use, hygienic nappy disposal bins.  baby changing facilities need to be clean, safe and welcoming to parents.  Our nappy disposal units are designed to prevent bad odours and with features to make nappy disposal clean, easy and hygienic.  

We supply, collect, empty, and replace both Nappy disposal units and sanitary disposal units (SDU) for businesses and organisations across Leicestershire and The Midlands – working to a schedule that suits you. With budget in mind, we keep our prices competitive, ensuring your business or organisation gets the supplies and equipment you need to help maintain your welcoming washrooms at an affordable price.  

To find out more about the washroom supplies that we can deliver and install at your site, get in touch through our contact form or by calling our team on 0116 234 0078


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