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Quick and cost-effective clinical waste removal services in Leicester 

Whether you run a school, a care home or a children’s nursery, you need to have an efficient clinical waste removal plan in place. Contact Target Hygiene in Leicester for a cost-effective option. 
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Controlled waste removal in line with the current regulations 

Clinical waste is clearly defined in The Controlled Waste Regulation 1992. If you are an employer with first aid facilities, it is your legal duty to ensure that clinical waste produced at your facility is disposed of in a safe and hygienic manner - that is what the experts at Target Hygiene specialise in. We provide a variety of wheelie bins from 240 Lt. to 1100 Lt. All our bins are lockable and are yellow in colour for high visibility and waste separation. We will discuss the frequency of collection with you and will carry out the work abiding by the current regulations. 
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Clinical waste wholly or partly consists of:

  • Human and animal tissues 
  • Blood, bodily fluids and excretions 
  • Drugs and pharmaceutical products 
  • Swabs
  • Needles and other sharp objects 
Contactus to schedule a survey so that we can offer you a customised waste removal plan. We also offer washroom services should you need them.
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Call us on 0116 234 0078 or email on info@targetpestcontrol.co.uk to discuss specific issues you may have regarding your waste disposal needs.

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