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Safe and discreet collection and disposal of commercial waste and sharps, for both small businesses and high-volume sites.

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Clinical Waste Disposal

The disposal of clinical waste is regulated in the UK, as set out in the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992. Examples of clinical waste include human and animal tissue, blood and other bodily fluids, pharmaceutical products, swabs, and needles and other sharps. These waste materials are regulated because they can be toxic or hazardous, or pose a risk to health or the environment.

At Target Hygiene, we can support your business with the safe, compliant disposal of clinical waste by providing dedicated bins designed for controlled materials. Bins range in size from 240L to 1100L, are lockable for safety, and bright yellow to ensure high visibility. We will tailor a collection schedule to suit the demands of your commercial site and the volume of waste produced, so bins will always be emptied and replaced before they become over-full. To find out more about our commercial waste & sharps disposal please get in touch today.

Commercial Sharps Disposal

Sharps are anything with a point or edge that could puncture or cut the skin upon contact. Because of the risk of injury or infection, it is essential that sharps are managed and disposed of safely and correctly, and never thrown away with standard waste. That’s why, if your operation produces sharps waste, it’s essential to have the support of a dedicated company like Target Hygiene.

We can supply sharps bins for both low and high-volume commercial sites, including health centres, hospitals, care homes, and tattoo studios. Delivered and collected on a schedule to suit you, the units we provide make it easier to dispose of hazardous sharps so you and your team can stay safe at work. For more information about our clinical waste disposal services, use our contact form to get in touch or call us on 0116 234 0078.

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